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Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed - Official Do Luck Demo Car

NU PÅ LAGER I DK DEN ORG. DO-LUCK SUPRA som har været ejet af selve Mr. DO-LUCK

Super Hurtig og Rigtig flot bil..

Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed - Official Do Luck Demo Car
Super flot Do Luck Supra...

HKS T04Z Turbine V-Band (water & oil cooled)
HKS Heat Shield
HKS GT Type Intercooler 24" x 12" x 3". Double Seam Welded
HKS Custom Short Route Intercooler pipe kit
HKS Custom Racing induction funnel
HKS T51R 60mm Racing Wastegate
HKS Custom Screamer Pipe
HKS Super SQV Racing Dump Valve
HKS Cam pulleys
HKS Cambelt
HKS T51 Exhaust manifold
HKS Downpipe
HKS Oil Cooler Kit
HKS Water tank cap
Greddy Intake plenum
Greddy Oil Filler Cap
Nissan VH45 80mm throttle body
Do-Luck one off hand made exhaust system
Do-Luck Aluminium Race radiator
Do-Luck Aluminium overflow tank
Do-Luck Purple Power Hose Silicone hoses
Do-Luck Painted Spark Plug Cover
Carbing Oil Catch tank
ARC Radiator cap
Mikalor Clamps Throughout
Chrome Intercooler Plate
Custom Fabrication & Brackets
Custom Breather System
AEM 130L/Min Methanol Injector
Fuelling, Timing & ECU
HKS 680cc fuel injectors
HKS Fuel rail
HKS 3bar map sensor
HKS air temp sensor
HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU (Map'd by Mr Ito)
Braided fuel lines
Okada Projects Plasma Ignition Coils
Skyline GTR Racing Fuel Pump
AEM Water/Methanol Injection
10w50 - Silkolene Pro S Engine Oil
Castrol Gearbox and clutch fluids
HKS Twin plate clutch Pro
HKS Lightweight Flywheel
(??Unknown??) (3.769:1) Limited slip diff
Do-Luck Aluminium Floor Support Bars
Do-Luck Front Adjustable Anti Roll bar
Do-Luck Rear Adjustable Anti Roll bar
Do-Luck Rear Aluminium Tension Set
Do-Luck Rear Aluminium Cross Bar
Do-Luck Rear Aluminium Strut Brace
HKS Hipermax II Damper kit with
Custom spring ratings
Carbon Front Strut Brace
Personally signed by Shigeru Ito (president and founder of Do-Luck)
Do-Luck 360kmph Speedo/ 10K Rev clock set
HKS gear shift knob
HKS EVC VI boost controller
HKS Turbo Timer
HKS Water Temp gauge
HKS Fuel Pressure gauge
HKS Exhaust Temp gauge
HKS Boost gauge
AAR Paris Dakar Seats
Team-tech 5 point harnesses
Sparco steering wheel
All carpet & sound deadening removed
Interior chassis painted Do-Luck purple
Carbing Aluminium Battery Box
Carbing Foot plate
Carbon fibre door trims
Pioneer DEH9100R
Fire Extinguisher x4
GPS Traker
CAT 1 Alarm
Painted one off Do-Luck metallic black with red holographic metal flake
Do-Luck Front bumper
Do-Luck Rear bumper extensions
Do-Luck Rear Diffuser
Do-Luck Side Skirts
Do-Luck Wide front fenders
Do-Luck SPL Lift Up Bonnet (FRP with custom brackets and catches)
Do-Luck one off modified rear fenders
Do-Luck 3D carbon rear wing &uprights
Do-Luck Door Mirror & electric motors
Face lift lights front & rear
HID 6000K Low beam light kit
Tinted Windows
Alcon 4 pot front brake kit 355mm rotors
Rear Uk Spec twin pots
Braided Alcon Lines on the front
Braided Do-Luck Lines on the rear
Castrol brake fluids
Do-Luck Chrome Double Six wheels (one of two sets ever made)
Front 18 X 8J (positive +10 offset)
Rear 18 X 10.5J (negative -5 offset)
Toyo T1R tyres
Front 245/40/18 Rear 275/35/18
Original mileage ( 25,302 km ) = 15,721 miles.

Power Figures And Achievements
607bhp- DynoDynamics
556lb ft torque
Ranked in the top 10 Supra's in the world
2nd Place in the 2008 Toyota Sprint Series driven by Andy Barnes
Best of show at Ace Café
Car of The Month in Banzai
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