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Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

Ã¥rg. 1995 KM 62.000 (800 HK + ) den er prop fyldt med dele.

TRUST 2.7L Kit

Counter crank shaft TRUST T88-34D Turbine kit TRUST Stainless exhaust manifold HKS Metal head gasket NISMO Parent and child metal

HKS Camshaft IN-EX 272-272 LIFT 8.70 TOMEI Slide cam Pooley Head side laboratory and correction Correcting and processing with port expansion and steps

N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
VEILSIDE Oil obtaining tank
related to fuel
SARD 1000cc Injector x6
TRUST Fuel delivery line
BOSCH Fuel pump Two planes
HKS Fuel regulator
Fuel collector tank
Professional liner & Arlzstemmesh fuel line
related to cooling
TRUST Four layer type Intercooler
TRUST R-SPL HG Four layer type Intercooler brake line kit SARD Three layer type Aluminum radiator TRUST 16 step expression Oil cooler Element movement type
Suction and related to exhaust
TRUST Sacshompaip
HKS Super-power flow
Z32 For Eafro Eacriadapta
TRUST Type C Waist gate
KNR original One off Reception desk pipe KNR original One off Muffler
ORC Triple plate clutch
R33GT-R latter term Transmission (10,000 kilos after equipped with new
related to suspension
HKS Hyper max II

Electrical equipment

APEX Power FC PRO2 specification
TRUST Profecc B Boost controller
HKS ET-C Torque split controller
HKS EDA Drug adaptor
HKS RSD Riastearingdifensar

BLITZ Boost gauge
TRUST Additional meter Water temperature, temperature of oil, oil
pressure, Moo, and exhaust temperature
AUTO METER Tachometer With shift light
NISMO Three ream meter
TRUST Turbo timer
Electric fan switch
HKS Kansai Refreshing bar
Rear addition Crossbar
BRIDE Carbon full bucket seat
SABELT Four point expression harness
VEILSIDE Shift knob


R33GT-R latter term purity Reception desk large-scale lip spoiler
N1 duct
Pure side step
Pure option Riaandarearo
NISMO LM-GT1 18x10J+20 Wheel