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Nissan Skyline R 33

550 + Hk..

I top Stand

Rageetar * N1 of three * TOMEI 260< camshaft * trust oil cooler * aluminum layers oil pump water pump of HKS GT2530 turbine * HKS intercooler * balance removing * reinforced valve spring

OS twin plate clutch * Nismostemmafrar * ARC Flrigettostabiraizar * Cuzco tension rod * reinforced mount * Orrinz car high note.

SR-0) D seat: the SPG L seat: * xenon light * defi 3 ream meter

(temperature of oil, oil pressure, and water temperature)* project slit rotor * Panasonic TV main deck (CD/MD Chenjar)* Nismobust and exhaust temperature meter *7P roll gauge etc.. og meget mere udstyr..